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Something i made in my free time that i think streamer would probably benefit from and appreciate. If i make a public version available. No download required. All you do is add a browser source. I’ve typically made stuff for people to use online over the years (stat cards for games or MAL and trophy cards), just continuing that i suppose. Donations would build motivation.

Features so far on the fly:
– Name changes
– Player specific name plates
– Score increases
– Score override
– Score Reset
– Mobile site version

Things To-Do Maybe:
– Players can enter their stream or tournament name or whatever specific and a whole scoreboard will be generated on the fly. Based of the Base template i made
– Cleaner UI controls maybe
– Different bar themes based on different fighting games.

I use Streamlabs OBS. Feel free to suggest some feature that you’d like to see or think would be cool.

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July 2, 2020

Hey can you show me how to do this?


Edan Salazar Gallardo

July 2, 2020




July 2, 2020

Will you be my jeebuz? But seriously you made this man wow thats really creative dude


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